Friday, September 6, 2013

Top Quality Cases For Your Nokia Lumia 920

In the recent news in the tech world, it was reported that Microsoft will buy Nokia’s mobile phone unit for $7.2 billion. The purchase is set to be completed in early next year, and it is described as a big step for Microsoft, as the software giant is venturing on devices and services.

Nokia may be selling off, but its commitment to quality devices since its rise decades ago are seen in the user-friendly devices they produce for the market. The Nokia Lumia 920 is just one of its flagship smartphones that is added into its roster of high quality phones. As a windows device, the Lumia 920 packs a superb punch in terms of brightness, creating a vibrant display that makes websites and photos definitely impressive. Furthermore, it is also a superb camera phone, something that tech geeks will be definitely pleased when it comes to photo and video capturing. The camera sports 8.7-megapixels with optical image stabilization and f/2.0 autofocus Carl Zeiss lens.

With such an awesome phone, it simply deserves a cover to protect it against the daily wear and tear. There is an array of available Nokia Lumia 920 cases today, but as much as possible choose only the best and durable covers to be your phone’s guard. We have listed a few of high quality Lumia 920 covers that users can consider:

Skin Lumia 920 
G-Zed Mobile GZNOLU920SKIN1 Skin Lumia 920

This case for Nokia Lumia 920 is made of high quality TPU that is designed to fit the device without blocking the access for all its ports and controls. G-Zed offers the phone cover with a lifetime warranty. Because of its material, smartphone users will be left with a peace of mind that their device will stay safe despite dropping it accidentally on a concrete ground.

Feather Lumia 920 

Incipio NK130 Feather Lumia 920

The feather® from Incipio is made of ultra-lightweight yet hard shell case for the Lumia 920. It is made of durable polymer that provides superior shock absorption for your mobile device. Also, the case comes with a smooth matte finish and a slim, sleek look.

Defender Lumia 920 

Otterbox 7722157 Defender Lumia 920

You can never go wrong with Otterbox when it comes to quality. The case above is the edition of the Otterbox Defender Series to fit the Lumia 920. The case features three layers of protection with clear, protective membrane, a durable silicone, and a polycarbonate shell that can defend the phone from scratches, smudges, dust, drops, bumps, and shocks. Including in the package is a ratcheting belt clip holster.

Pursuits 40 Dry Box 

Otterbox 7722855A Pursuits 40 Dry Box

Going for a travel and you want to provide your phone with ultimate protection against the dust, water, and dirt? This dry box from Otterbox is one amazing pick. Like a suitcase made especially for your phone, the dry box easily attaches to your messenger bag and even belts. It has an interior hammock that grips items in place during transport. This dry box case from Otterbox is a must have for people who wanted their device to stay secured in spite of the challenges of weather and movements.

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