Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mobile Accessories: Protect and Embellish Your Gadget

cases and coversWe are bewildered by technological advancements. We use it for different purpose satisfying our needs for entertainment and communication. Gadgets such as Smartphones, Blackberry, iPod, iPad, MacBook, Tablets and many more offered by different technological innovators are renowned for creating an impact to every human life. With over 5 billion mobile gadget users, we can say that things have really moved up from traditional to highly modern and sophisticated communication channel. A few years back, advancements focus on the internal specifications of the gadgets but for modern days, innovations extended to external factors especially accessories. 
 The mobile market tends to capture a larger portion of the consuming public, simultaneously the accessories designed to fit each newly launched version don't lag behind. Therefore, we can conclude that when the demand for gadgets rise, demand for accessories will follow. 

Top Must Have Gadget Accessories

  • Chargers- most cellphones provide chargers upon purchase. Gadgets are rechargeable yet, the source of power can be hard depending on different circumstances. Though you already have a wall charger, it is better to know that there are other chargers you can use such as Car Charger, Desktop Charger, USB Charger, Green Charger and Emergency Charge. Each of these chargers has unique characteristics that can save you from troubles in case you are getting out of battery. 
  • Case- you can now beautify your phone as there are a variety of protective casings designed for a specific line of brand and model. Casings come with different colors, style and design. It protects your gadget while maintaining its aesthetics. It serves as the phone's second skin making it safe and comfortable to use. 
  • Screen Protector- a Smartphone costs a lot. It is important than its screen will maintain its good condition. The screen is where you tap and its sensory attribute is essential in operating the phone's functions.
  • Ear Phones/Headsets- just like chargers, headsets are included in the package when buying a gadget. It allows you to listen to music and converse without holding it. Headsets also come in different styles and sizes. You can choose wired or non wired headsets. Wired headsets like earbud and boom headset has fixed length of wire that connects your phone, the mouthpiece and earpiece. However, more expensive non wired headset makes use of Bluetooth technology. With this type of headset, the microphone is integrated into the earpiece. 
  • Memory Cards- Mobile Phones nowadays also function as a camera that captures different images. However, built in memory cards have low storage capacity. As phones can display information from different media centers, it must have large storage room to enjoy fetching different information and store various information to maximize the use of the phone. MicroSD cards also allow faster transfer speed.  MicroSDHC card can hold up to 32GB and microSDXC card can contain up to 2TB of files.
  • Bags, and Travel Cases- pamper your gadget with a soft container. You may travel a lot and you will need to carry your phone, laptop, or tablets. It must be secured with high quality travel cases to protect it from external hazards such as dust, weather, rain, etc.

Imagine your gadgets having all these. It will look cared and protected. Aside from that it is pretty to look at. You can design your own phone showing off your fashion and sensibility. It is not just a gadget we use everyday, it has been a part of our daily life that we will never get rid of.


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