Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cellphone and Tablet Accessories: The Cases

phone case
Cellular phones are probably the most revolutionary invention in the late 20th century. It has changed the way people communicate, doing away with wires and cables and allowing hand held technology that can reach even the farthest corners of the globe. It has evolved from a big, bulky, plastic square box with buttons that is only capable of making calls to a highly advanced palm-sized technology weighing almost nothing and capable of doing what all of your living room appliances could. Even personal computers (or PCs) have miniature versions which are the tablet computers. You are able to play games, listen to music, surf the Internet, write notes and most importantly, connect to people. However, like all forms of electronic technology, it is susceptible to everyday wear-and-tear, exposure to elements and human fallacy. In order to minimize these effects, one must employ the usage of cellphone and tablet “cases” which are also called “covers”and “skins”. The article is divided into three parts which will describe three aspects: The Protection, Aesthetic and Practical aspects of cellphone cases.

The Protection Aspect

One day while merrily walking around the neighborhood, you accidentally drop your cellphone. It happened that it had no case or cover. The durable plastic covers of these gadgets are no match to the power of concrete – and gravity. Your phone could easily sustain permanent software damage, if lucky, it could be avoided, but the scratches, dents and cracks obtained are not. Cellphone cases may not totally negate the damage, but it could easily lessen the damage. One thing to consider when choosing a cellphone case is the material used. Some materials being utilized are leather, rubber, plastic and vinyl. These materials, albeit very light, may be able to stop potentially critical damage. The protection may be minimal, however, having any form of protection is essential. Aside from falls and potentially destructive accidents, one must take into account damage that is trivial. That includes scratches, dirt and moisture.

The Aesthetic Aspect

Who wouldn't want to brandish their up-to-date mobile phones in public? Especially when it is covered by a case whose appearance would be able to captivate observers around the vicinity. Aside from protection, a cellphone cover is able to enhance the appearance of one's gadget. They also increase the marketability of a gadget in terms of appearance.

The Practical Aspect

There are people prefer not digging through their pockets when scrambling for their mobile phones. Some also dislike the idea of digging through the clutter inside their bags while looking for their phones. Not to mention the potential damage that could be caused by doing such. Some cellphone covers can be attached firmly to one's belt; enabling easy access and secure safekeeping while some have pouches and strings that can be worn around one's neck.

Cellphone and tablet cases are probably the most important accessory (and partner) a cellphone or tablet can ever have. It's like a phone's best friend and guardian angel. It's a must have for all cellphone owners.


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