Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Best Portable Speakers that Speaks Fun

When the day gets boring, and you wanted to break-free from the sleepiness it brings, listening to a good music from a portable speaker can be the answer. Whether you are going to a travel at the park, or wanted to spend some time in the beach to unwind, a cool speaker can greatly help in lifting up the mood. Though headphones are cool picks too, preferences differ, so you are free to turn up the music on that speaker as long as you are not disturbing or distracting anyone.

Modern speakers became more complicated than in the past. This is primarily because there are limitless selections of phone accessories that sometimes can overwhelm you on how to properly start looking for the best one. Wireless or travel speakers are quite leading the trend right now. They usually have a built in battery and can be used to stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth. Some speakers are integrated with little extra’s, one example is a built in Smartphone charger to juice up your phone when it happens to “faint” on you when you need it the most.

We listed some of the best portable speakers in town that can fire up your music-listening experience:

Sony SRSBTV5W Portable Wireless Speaker

Portable Wireless Speaker

Sony’s SRS-BTV5W is a compact and attractive speaker that you would be glad to bring especially when traveling. It has a built-in rechargeable battery, and an auxiliary output. It has an added feature of a built-in microphone that makes the device ideal for a hands free calling.

XMI X-mini II Capsule Speaker

A very excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality speaker in a good price. The x mini capsule speaker sports an innovative design that is travel-friendly while bringing a sound quality that rocks. It is compatible for phones, laptops, and any mobile device operating with Bluetooth. Another good thing about this speaker is that its battery can be charged to last up to 12 hours of continual playing. It is a fun player that features different funky colors to suit every taste.

XMI XAM15GM Max Duo Speaker

Max Duo Speaker
 Want a player with superior playback time? The XMI XAM15GM Max Duo Speaker might be the one you are waiting for. It is the speaker that introduced ceramic tweeter for high quality sound. Compared to devices with aluminum tweeters, ceramic can produce sounds with wider frequency range to cover high and lower sounds. It is a speaker that is a fruit of months of research by its producers, and is definitely a must pick for music lovers.

iHome IPL10 Dual Charging StereoDock Lightning

Dual Charging StereoDock Lightning

A charger, a clock, and a portable speaker in one? Yes you can have ‘em with iHome's IPL10 Dual Charging StereoDock. This compact radio-speaker-charger-clock has been optimized for iPhone 5 but can support universal functions with its USB port. The device can support charging of two devices at the same time while ensuring that you wake up on time with its alarm functions. The speaker on the other hand delivers outstanding sound quality, giving you a good reason to own the device.

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